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Latest reviews for ZARBO

have been getting some fantastic reviews for their debut album "ZARBO":

Un-Peeled / April 2011:

"I like The Kills, all dirt and attitude, but I like authentic country music too. Now, thanks to Zarbo, that gap is plugged with some styleZarbo, quite amazingly, manage to combine Olde English folk music dirt n death with tight wired and schmaltz free American country music. It's a match made in heaven and made heavenly by the lyrical dexterity and the technical excellence.

Magic comes frequently on this album, on "Tuesday Night" - a strolling, rolling, slow walked shanty. This is an absolutely perfect track, the banjo is sub-bleeding-lime, full of confident restraint and providing a finely etched framework for the easy yaw n pitch of the track. This encapsulates what Andy Heath and Paul Bishop are doing so matter of factly, so elegantly and so well.

They are weaving styles, sounds, words and instrumentation that include - Americana, Cornish folk, country-punking, music hall, gothic-carnival and wholesome, cheery cruelty (check "Whole Lot Better").

So, this record sounds like American country music redeemed and refreshed

with English bile. Or, this record sounds like cheerily brutal British folk saved and elevated by American insistence on mastery of the instruments and the tunes. Either way, "Zarbo" is one of the best albums you can own, listen to, deconstruct, or drink along to.”

Maverick / May 2011:

From Brighton and releasing their debut album, Zarbo are two people strong which are Andy Heath and Paul Bishop who, between them, are responsible for playing a variety of instruments such as banjo, Dobro, kazoo, harmonica and even the foot drums.


The record has twelve songs on it and all offer a valuable glimpse into the minds of the band as Andy wrote its entirety. The concluding tune is stunning. Healed by the hands of Elvis imagines that, when a person dies, they will be comforted by the King of Rock and Roll in his home Graceland. It is a wonderful ode to a style of music which Andy and Paul have deep understanding and appreciation of. Country music should be proud of

having this album in their midst, especially when the Dobro used on this ending track instantly sends shivers down the spine.


Andy is the son of a chemistry professor and Paul was once hailed as the "Hendrix of the Banjo" due to his extensive playing on many Nashville sessions. I do not doubt for one second that they will be revered together as Zarbo and not just as individuals.

Russell Hill

Rock n Reel / June 2011


The vinyl crackle to kick off proceedings highlights the direction of the zany Zarbo in no un-certain terms. Song titles such as "Man Monkey", "Moany Moany" and "Soul Vampires" successfully promote the fluctuating theme of obscure non-conformity, and so it proves. Andy Heath and Paul Bishop are the folk-charmers behind Zarbo, performing with traditional instruments to put their contemporary movement very much in the past.


There's slow urban-pop blues in amongst the mix too, in "One Too Many Yesterdays", as well as cowboy harmony in "Whole Lot Better". The entire album has a mournful feel more of a dusk than dawn, but it is driven by a rumbling of optimistic landscape from the left fields ofprohibition, circus and journeyman experience.


Glorous misery is sealed with "Slaughterhouse Rag" and Bishop's close affinity with his banjo makes even the doom-laden tunes full of spirit and hope. Dark and Light in equal measure, the mystery is the main attraction is this assured debut.


Gareth Hayes